Below is some information regarding what the students are learning for the month of February.

These next few weeks, 4th graders will be focusing on conceptual understanding of fractions. Some concepts include equivalency, comparing, adding/subtracting, and multiplying fractions.  They continue to work on math fact fluency with multiplication and division.


Language Arts

4th graders have concluded reading Tales of a 4th Grade Nothing. Students created questions for chapters and answered questions with the use of strong evidence. Students will now focus on nonfiction texts (Time For Kids), comparing multiple sources, finding main ideas, and details to support the main idea.



Narrative: 4th graders are currently working writing a new chapter that follows Tales of a 4th Grade Nothing. Students are using plot structure: conflict, rising action, climax, and reflection, into their stories.  They will also apply this same plot structure for writing a narrative for missions.

Expository: Students have been working on a 5 paragraph essay on a California Mission.  In the essay they focused on details for their mission, Father Serra and his importance to California history, and day in the life of the missions.
Opinion: Students have been working on a 3 paragraph essay, incorporating Social Studies concept (mission, presidio, pueblo). Students chose which settlement they would want to live in  if they lived in the late 1700s.


Social Studies

4th graders have been learning about the California Missions. Students researched a particular mission and studied what life was like in the mission.



4th graders will be learning about simple machines.  They will research how these simple machines are part of our everyday life and how it makes our lives complete difficult tasks with more ease. 

You 4th grade teachers,
Mrs. Kyle, Mrs. Metzler, and Mrs. Oliva