-Enrollment/Registration Forms-
Enrollment forms are mandatory and required by Community Care Licensing (CCLD), Department of Social Services.  
Licensed programs must remain compliant with CCLD at all times.
We understand there are many forms for parents to complete,
but all forms provide the information we need to keep your child healthy & safe.  
We thank you for your patience in completing this paperwork! 
* All forms must be complete, submitted, and approved by the ECDC office prior to the child's first day of attendance.
* Original signatures in blue ink are required on forms.
* Please note, as of January 1, 2016- all children attending public programs must have current and updated vaccines to attend.  No Shots, No School!
Required form 1-             ID and Emergency Info, LIC 700
Required form 2-             Personal Rights, LIC 613A
Required form 3-             Consent for Medical Treatment, LIC 627
Required form 4-             Physician's Report, LIC 701  
Required form 5-             PreAdmission Health History, LIC 702 
Required form 6-             Notification of Parent's Rights, LIC 995 
Required form 7-             ECDC Parent Handbook Agreement 2016-2017
Required form 8-             Sunblock Application Permission Form 
Required form 9-             Walking Field Trip permission slip 
If applicable: