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2017-2018 Enrollment Coming Soon!

Enrollment Opens Soon!
*1st Enrollment Period, DMUSD Employees Only.  End of February- Dates: TBD
*2nd Enrollment Period, Re-Enrolling Families Only.  Early March- Dates: TBD
*3rd Enrollment Period, Open Enrollment, Ongoing.  Mid March- Dates: TBD
To Register, please submit a "registration request" using the quick link on our home page.   You will then receive either an email and link to enroll using Day Care Works.  If there is not space available, you will be connected to our waitlist.  If you are a previously enrolled family, please update your family information.  Do not create a new account as this may interfere with the accounting process.  Thank you, and we will see you soon!
Exciting News for 2017-2018!
*The ECDC is now open to both district staff and community in ALL CLASSES!  
*We are now offering a traditional enrollment structure similar to that of most local programs.  Families can enroll in one of the following options: 2 day (Tu, Th) or 3 day (M, W, F) or 5 day (M-F) programs.   Choose either full day (7-4p), extended half (7-1p) or PM Preschool only (1-4p.)
*We now have a new program option aimed to reach out to more non-napping preschool age children!                                               Try our new multi-age class for children ages 3-5 in our new PM Preschool (1-4p.)