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Congratulations to Ms. Tracy Garber

Ms. Garber is an amazingly talented, intelligent, and caring teacher. She puts students first at all times, includes all students, and constantly adjusts her instruction based on her students’ needs. She provides every student with valuable feedback and support. Ms. Garber is able to bring out the best in each child, and she helps them achieve excellence in academics and citizenship.

Ms. Garber is extremely knowledgeable about all subject areas and she goes above and beyond to make sure her students are as well. Ms. Garber is a life long learner who constantly updates her own understanding through professional development and reading to ensure she is using best practices in the classroom. Ms. Garber is a true champion for her students.

This year, Ms. Garber took the lead in organizing the fifth grade trip to Biz Town as well as the Endangered Animals Project. Additionally, she created the Thursday Math Lab program and organized the Noetic and Continental Math contests. Ms. Garber supported all fifth graders by arranging a writing contest, including inviting a special guest speaker from the American Immigration Lawyers Association to give a presentation to students so that they develop a better sense of history and civic responsibility. Ms. Garber works tirelessly, putting in many long hours at the end of the day and on weekends, all for the benefit of the children.

Ms. Garber is an extremely professional educator who puts families first. She is a dedicated and hard working teacher who has a positive attitude in every interaction. Her warm smile is inviting and reassuring to students who are new to her class and to every member of the community. She is always eager to help and inspire her colleagues. Her leadership on school committees helps to drive our work forward for all of our kids. It is with great pride that Torrey Hills’ honors Ms. Tracy Garber as our teacher of the year and representative of the excellent teaching staff at Torrey Hills.