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Congratulations, DMUSD January 2017 Employees of the Month!


Del Mar Union School District

Certificated Employees of the Month

January 2017

Ashley Falls School – Andrea Peddycord, Kindergarten Teacher

Ashley Falls’ is thrilled to recognize Andrea Peddycord as our Employee of the Month! Andrea is a skilled and dedicated teacher who is always willing to go above and beyond to support her students.  This year, Andrea and her team have taken a deeper look at their literacy program and the instructional shifts needed in our changing world.  She took the lead in implementing LLI for her students and helping to train and model for other staff as well.  Andrea is constantly monitoring and adjusting her instruction in all subject areas to meet the needs of her students. She builds connections between subject areas and pushes students to be deeper thinkers.  She helps our youngest learners build ownership and develop not only academic skills but also social and emotional skills through her caring and guiding approach. We are so fortunate to have Mrs. Peddycord here to support our students, staff, and families.


Carmel Del Mar School – Shannon Knipstein, Sixth Grade Teacher

Carmel Del Mar School is proud to honor Shannon Knipstein as our January Employee of the Month.  Mrs. Knipstein has been an attentive teacher at CDM for almost 20 years. She recently made the change from 2nd to 6th grade and has done an incredible job nurturing and educating our oldest students on campus.  Mrs. Knipstein contributes to our school community and teaches with a love that is contagious. She is a skilled collaborator, fabulous team member, and shows a dedication to her students that goes above and beyond. Congratulations Mrs. Knipstein!

Del Mar Heights School – Jasmyn Tanner, Fifth Grade Teacher

Jasmyn epitomizes the highest level of professionalism. She continually analyzes student work which she uses to drive all of her instructional decisions and programs. She not only sets a high bar for her students, but for herself as well. Jasmyn is a collaborative team player, who is a valued member of the Del Mar Heights school community. Congratulations Jasmyn

Del Mar Hills Academy – Hilary Wilson, First Grade Teacher

Del Mar Hills is thrilled to announce Hilary Wilson as our selection for January Employee of the Month! Hilary is a first grade teacher on our campus who goes above and beyond for her students every single day.  She is dedicated to being the best teacher she can be for her first graders and continuously strives to improve her craft by seeking opportunities to build her knowledge and skills.

Hilary believes being able to effectively communicate through writing is an essential life-long skill, so when you walk into her classroom you frequently see her SurfRiders engaged in authentic writing tasks.  As a result, her students have shown tremendous progress in their ability to share their opinions, tell stories, and to present information through writing.

Hilary Wilson has been a member of the Del Mar Hills team since the beginning of her teaching career and is often willing to share the historical narrative of our school.   We are grateful for her participation on the School Site Council where her input helps us make important decisions about the most effective ways to help all students achieve.   Congratulations Hilary, and thank you for playing a significant role in our SurfRiders’ educational path toward getting ready for college!

Ocean Air School – Haley Kantner, Third Grade Teacher

Ocean Air is pleased to announce Hayley Kantner as our Employee of the Month! Hayley has been a dedicated 3rd grade teacher since the day Ocean Air opened its doors. She has a positive impact on each and every student she encounters on a daily basis. Haley’s effort and devotion to individualizing the needs of her students is instrumental in their success and growth. She supports her students both academically and emotionally and is willing to go above and beyond in empowering them to do their best while motivating them to reach beyond and grow to become better in all aspects of their studies. Haley’s calm and assuring demeanor and teaching style is an asset to each and every student in her class. Her classroom is a fun and safe place for students to shine! Hayley is well respected and valued by her peers here at Ocean Air and we couldn’t imagine the 3rd grade without her. We feel very lucky to have her call Ocean Air her home. Congratulations Hayley!

Sage Canyon School – Cindy Nicoll, Sixth Grade Teacher

Sage Canyon is pleased to announce Cindy Nicoll, sixth grade teacher, as our certificated employee of the month. Cindy has been a valued member of Sage Canyon since day one. Her warm and engaging demeanor in the classroom makes all students feel welcome and part of their school community.  Her daily support and dedication extends to everyone she encounters including her teammates, students in other grade levels, parents, and the staff in its entirety. She strives to create challenging yet attainable goals for sixth graders so they are prepared to conquer the challenges of middle school and to be excellent communicators.  Cindy is a team player and we are so lucky to have her call Sage Canyon home!

Sycamore Ridge School – Jeni Cass, First Grade Teacher

Sycamore Ridge is proud to select Jeni Cass as our employee of the month. Since joining the Sycamore Ridge family as a first grade teacher in mid-August, Jeni has quickly become a literacy leader and respected colleague. Jeni is a true collaborator-sharing her knowledge and best practices with teachers at all grade levels. Jenny has been instrumental in providing professional development for our LLI program and working with colleagues on a needed overhaul and update to our primary literacy room. Jeni is dynamic in the classroom with students and her “over the top” cupcakes have quickly become the preferred staff lounge treat! Congratulations Jeni!

Torrey Hills School – Mary Gerringer, Special Day Class Teacher

Torrey Hills is excited to announce Mary Gerringer, SDC teacher for grades 3-6, is our certificated employee of the month for January.  Mrs. Gerringer always puts children first.  She knows and respects her students as people.  She understands their strengths and discovers how to best support their needs.  Mary finds great joy in working with her children and they love learning in their classroom.

Mary trains, supports, and collaborates with all the instructional assistants in our special education upper grade class. Her classroom is a high functioning, energetic place in which students and adults understand there are high expectations for rigorous learning and compassionate living.  Students treat each other well and collaborate effectively. Mrs. Gerringer works closely with general education teachers to maximize students’ opportunities to learn in the most optimal environments.  Mary is a leader on our Special Education Team.  She challenges herself to learn new strategies and generously shares her knowledge with others.  Most importantly, Mary is a helpful, kindhearted person who supports families, colleagues, and kids in everything she does.  She is someone to admire, someone to emulate, and a valued member of our team

Early Childhood Education – Haley Harrington, Preschool Special Education Teacher

Haley Harrington is our new Preschool Special Education Teacher at Torrey Hills School. Haley returns to DMUSD after working within the preschool as an Instructional Aide. She has quickly established an incredible classroom with exciting activities that are engaging and creative. In addition to the wonderful start to the school year, she has successfully welcomed 5 new students in 2 months. Ms. Haley is an incredible asset to the DMUSD Preschool!

District Office – Shirley Bales, Program Assistant, Instructional Services

Shirley Bales is a valued member of the District Instructional Services team!  Shirley is highly organized and works diligently to meet the needs of DMUSD families and their children.  Additionally, she assists with the coordination of the many professional learning opportunities throughout the district ensuring they go off without a hitch!  Shirley is always friendly and happy to take on any task asked of her.  She meets every demand with a can-do attitude and is integral to our daily work.  Thank you for all you do, Shirley!  Congratulations on being selected as the district office employee of the month.